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Lucy Cortez - Whittier, CA, 90601
Every time i wanted to get a policy i felt like i have no clue whats right, whats wrong, am i covered enough or not, i just wanted the cheapest insurance out there and i always found my self paying more then anyone with higher deductible and less coverage, When you girls at LA west hooked me up, i felt like you really wanted to help and its not just to take my credit card and charge me what ever...
I asked around and i know i got THE BEST DEAL in town. Everyone in my office has transferred their insurance to you (Thank you:)
Thanks Maytal and Helen i told all my friends about you xXx.

Henry Tilman - Studio City, CA 91423
3 Years with the same insurance company thinking that im covered until DEC 12 2009 where an Idiot that was talking on the phone hit me in the back, Took so much time until the ball started rolling suddenly no rental no nothing, Then my mechanic told me about the girls from lawest insurance what a blessing. You girls were so nice and thoughtful the price was cheaper in $73 monthly, and there was always someone that know what they are talking about on the other side. unfortunately on March 2010 my neighbor hit my car in our garage and i called in (at 7:00pm)Helen was with me on the phone getting everything ready regardless of the time it took! I had a tow truck and a rental ready for me so i didn't miss a day of work.THATS SERVICE RIGHT THERE. Thank you so much.


Igor Shadakian - Glendale, CA,

You asked me to send you my own testimonial for your record i didn't know what to write other then the price is right, your always there, and im happy with service Thank you.


Tania Borasho - Reseda, CA

Ohh god where to start i guess many thanks will be good LOL
my husband used a friend of his for so long until he got his DUI and that"friend" told us that no insurance company wants to insure us anymore so i searched online and started calling and a girl that answered the phone was so sweet so we started chatting and i told her about our situation, when she said don't worry i was still sceptic but after 10 min she found a formula that fits us emailed us the paper work we emailed back and "Taddaa" i don't need to drive him to work every day:) she got us insured we almost lost faith. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUR THE BEST.


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Welcome to LA West Insurance Services Inc!  We are experts in
Motorcycle insurance.

Our goal is to help you make the best insurance purchasing decision by providing you with all the tools and information you need. We cover Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno, Orange County, Sacramento, San Bernardino San Francisco and other areas of California.

To obtain an affordable insurance quote in California and other areas of it, you can get started by entering your zip code. Next, simply fill out the quick and easy form and you are on your way to receiving a free insurance quote within minutes. Our goal is to lower your payments and save you money. We refuse to be outbid.

We offer Instant electronically processed documents with disclosed coverage and terms. View and approve your policy on your own computer. Insurance ID Cards emailed to you instantly, or by fax. Call us today at (877) 527 2378 and receive the cheapest insurance quotes in Los Angeles & other cities of California tailored to your needs.

Most people purchase insurance to make sure they are financially protected should they be in an accident or mishap. To help protect the people of California, we have brought together some of the top insurance companies to offer competitive insurance rates to our customers. Getting insurance quotes from LA West is easy & quick. The insurance rates you get from us are personalized to your needs.
  • -We do auto registration for free
  • -Change of title
  • -50 % discount on renewal down payments and or any change on policies.
  • -Add a car and coverage change.
  • -Free roadside assistance
  • -Will pay $ 14.00 to DMV to reinstate the registration
  • -Instant coverage, electronic filing in 5 minutes, SR-22 Filing, DUI
  • -Work with A RATED companies
  • -Commercial trucks transportation of any type:
  • -Dry and refer hauling
  • -Sand and gravel
  • -Hazardous material
  • -All types of towing